5 Inexpensive Methods To Improve Your Fertility

by Leon on January 25, 2013

tips to increase your fertilityIs there anything more miraculous than the birth of a child? And yet, for some who are trying to conceive, getting pregnant can sometimes be extremely challenging. Although most doctors will tell you that you should give it a year of trying to have a baby “the old fashioned way”, before becoming concerned about when you’ll actually conceive, there are some inexpensive methods that you can try in the meantime that will help to improve your chances of fertility.

Have more sex. OK, this one might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how much this tip is overlooked when it comes increasing your chances. If you are fortunate enough to have a regular menstrual cycle, it’s easier to track your ovulation days. However, either way, the more unprotected sex that you have, the greater the odds that you will end up with a fertilized egg. So, whatever the “sex rate” is now, add an extra time or two into the equation.

Watch your diet. Our diets affect everything about us, including our reproductive systems. As a woman, whole grains support maintaining healthy insulin levels, full-fat dairy products (in moderation) aids in stabilizing ovulation and fruits and vegetables are loaded with antioxidants and folate (two things that a pregnant woman needs a lot of). For men, foods that are loaded with zinc like roast beef, lamb and even dark chocolate and foods high in Vitamin C such as green vegetables, kiwi and citrus fruit all help to keep sperm healthy.

De-stress. Stress is never good for the body and ironically, it’s when a couple is trying to conceive, they are sometimes the most anxious. And, there are studies which indicate that high stress in women can make their periods irregular and high stress in men can cause their testosterone levels to drop. While you’re trying to get pregnant, make it a point to take a yoga class or to invest in some body massages. The calmer you are, the healthier you’ll be.

Drink more water. If you’ve ever donated blood to the Red Cross or someplace like Family Cord, they’ve probably told you that water provides oxygen to the blood and so it’s important to drink as much of it as you possibly can. When it comes to conception, did you know that water is also extremely helpful? That’s because the more hydrated a woman is, the more her cervix is able to produce what is known as cervical mucus. When that area is lubricated, it can stretch more which makes it easier to get pregnant. Oh, and if you add a bit of lemon to it, you can also make your body more alkaline, which lowers the acidic levels in your vaginal area, making it less of a “hostile” environment for sperm.

Use less lubricants. If lubricants have been a part of your sexual experience, try and avoid the ones that you can purchase at the drugstore. That’s because many have spermicide in them, which obviously defeats your pregnancy focus. Instead, try some sunflower or olive oil. It will still get the job done, without any of the “chemical drama”. Good luck!


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