How To Reduce Your Spending in 2017

by Pam on December 23, 2016

Many of us struggle when it comes to the end of the month. The beginning of a new year is always a good time to assess what’s going on with your finances, and identify ways you could make savings in the months to come. If you search online for saving tips, you’ll find hundreds of suggestions, but how many are actually relevant or effective? Here are some measures you can try that will actually help you reduce spending in 2017.

Shop around for the best energy deals

Have you been with the same energy provider for years? If so, you could be missing out on incentives for new clients and low electricity rates. You may think that you’re getting the best prices in reward for your loyalty to a company. But often, it doesn’t work like that, and the best offers are reserved for new customers. If you’re shopping around, you’ll find that providers compete for your custom, giving you access to preferential tariffs and introductory deals. It takes a few minutes to compare prices online. It’s also worth giving your current provider a call and mentioning that you’re thinking of moving to another firm.

When you’re looking for a new energy company, make sure the tariff you choose reflects your usage. If you tend to use a lot of electricity during the day, you’ll need a different package to somebody who uses energy in the evenings.

Do your grocery shopping online

Grocery stores are a physical representation of the impact of visual marketing. Everywhere you look, there are posters, signs, and displays that are specially designed to catch your eye and make you add that product to your basket. It’s very easy to get carried away and end up spending a lot more than you anticipated. When you shop online, you can see a running total on the screen, and you’re less likely to get distracted by marketing ploys. Make a list, and buy what’s on it. By all means, take advantage of special offers, such as 3 for 2, but only buy what you need. There’s no point in adding a load of items that you won’t use just because they’re on sale.

Reconsider your commute

Do you take the bus or train to work? Do you drive a short distance? Do you drop the kids at school even though it’s only around the corner? If you’re lucky enough to live close to your children’s school or your workplace, consider changing your mode of transport. If you can walk or cycle, this will save you a lot of money over the course of the year ahead. It’s also better for your health, and it’ll save you getting stuck in rush-hour traffic.

Many of us would love to have more disposable income. Sometimes, you have months when it’s a struggle to make ends meet, but often, there are ways you can save money. Switch to shopping online, and write a list before you do your shop. Give your energy provider a call, and use the Internet to compare prices and tariffs. A single phone call or a few minutes online could save you hundreds of dollars per year. If you drive or take the bus to work or do the school run in a car, think about walking, cycling or carpooling. Simple changes can reduce your spending, and every dollar counts.

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