Give Away The Things You Never Use

by Pam on November 11, 2010

Every once in a while I go through my drawers and my closet and remove items of clothing that I either never wear or am highly unlikely to ever wear again.  Sometimes I find it hard to part with my things, even though I know I never use them, however, I find that “decluttering” is a great way to make better use of my closet and drawer space, as well as a neat way to help others in need.  And yes, I just made up my own word.  I think the English language needs a word like “decluttering”.

Once I have rounded up all the items of clothing, and possibly some shoes, etc.  I drop them off at a local thrift store.  Someone else might as well make use of them.  This also goes for other miscellaneous items around our house.  About every six months or so we get the urge to do some “Spring cleaning”, and you would be surprised at how many things we discover we have that were hidden away and never used.

If we could survive without those items before, surely we can now.  So in the box they go.  In our minds, simplifying life is best.  By doing this simple action of rummaging through our house periodically and giving away things we don’t use, we enjoy more space and have the satisfaction that generosity brings.

After going through your own stuff, if you find things that you could easily live without, consider donating them to a nearby university where there are sure to be a lot of international students just starting out in a new country.  They could probably really use a sofa, bed, or desk.

There are a lot of mission organizations that provide shelter to homeless people as well.  I am sure they would be happy if someone offered to donate used furniture, clothing, appliances, etc.

If you are interested in “decluttering” your home and helping others out at the same time, I would encourage you to look into the options available in your local area.  You will be sure to find a grateful recipient and you will enjoy the extra space in your home.

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