The Four Things You Need To Know About Wealth Creation

by Guest on December 23, 2009

building wealth begins with positive thinkingExperiencing a life of effortless bliss, abundance and prosperity is not out of the realm of fictional books. You to deserve to have it all and why not. Who would in their right mind want to have the stress, struggles and anxiety associated with financial concerns through lack. So how do we increase the wealth and abundance in our life. Here are four things you need to know that will increase your wealth and abundance.

1. Have a millionaire mindset. If you aren’t yet wealthy then you just don’t believe it is possible. What you focus on is what will be created and confirmed by your circumstances and surroundings. If you focus on your debt, bills, lack or poverty then that is exactly what you will get. If you focus on opportunities, breakthroughs, financial overflow or prosperity then that too is what will be created in your world. It might sound airy fairy but what have you got to lose. Give it a try, focus your thoughts on abundance every day all the time.

2. Discipline your money. Don’t let money control you. Why be at the mercy of money when you should be the one in control. Why have bills overdue, credit cards maxed out and debt overflowing in your life. You’ll only create a situation where money starts to dictate your standard of living and what you can and can’t do. Instead put your money to work for you. Decide on what you will and won’t spend and discipline your money to work through investing it in growth assets like shares or property. If you aren’t in a position to do that right now then at least put it into a high interest account or start a regular savings contribution to a managed fund.

3. Be grateful. Living a life of gratitude is a key to living in abundance and wealth. When you are grateful for what you have then you start to create an environment that appreciates and attracts more of that which you want. Gratitude is a powerful emotion that when harnessed can be immensely powerful. Start a gratitude journal and write down the things you are grateful for each day.

4. Visualise your way to Wealth. Visualizing your wealth before you go to bed each night will reinforce in your mind what you want to create for yourself. Write out a goal or affirmation of where you want to be in a few years time and start to visualize you on the day that it happens. Are you celebrating, where are you and who are you sharing the moment with. Be as creative and as detailed as you can as the more real it is for your mind the more it will work to attain it for your reality.

You have within you the power to create abundance and wealth or the power to create poverty. So why not get on track today and design a future that you want.


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